#LifeatFNF: A Day In Our Life 

To commemorate FNF Malaysia 50th year anniversary. I decided to have a short video blog about their day to day life at work to give audience a glimpse of what's behind the door..

​Tool: Filmora

FNF Jakarta Strategic Meeting: Event Highlight

 Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Jakarta Annual meeting, held in Bandung, Indonesia, 06 - 08 December 2022. 

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FNF Malaysia 50 Years Journey

This video shows individuals who have previously and currently participated in the Malaysia project. They are a part of history, and I would like to highlight "Their view of FNF Malaysia work in Malaysia for 50 years and the cooperation between the office and partners" in this video.

Tools: Filmora 

Timeless Memory

Since 50 is a golden age, and ever since the beginning of the pandemic, FNF Malaysia has never had face-to-face contact with their partners due the border restriction. As a result, this event reunites the organization and its partners after a two-years. To capture the moment in pictures, I'm exploring to use a photo slide projector to show the photos from the event.

Advertising Video

To invite new audience to become client followers. I create video to attract potential followers because video is visually engaging and audience get the message quickly.

Tools: Canva

Behind The Scene

Reels can be used to enhance social media work in a number of ways. For example, businesses, influencers, and even for social development can use Reels to showcase their products, services or message in a fun and engaging way. Reels can also be used to share behind-the-scenes content, provide tutorials or demos, or simply entertain and engage with followers.

As a result, I explore reels in an attempt to entice more people so that they can learn about the organization and their work.