About Me

My journey in communication field started 2,5 years ago when I challenge myself to be a communications officer at Non-Governmental Organization. My daily task includes social media management (advertising and editorial content) and managing their website.

I'm also a writer, mostly I write about my view of life or simply my traveling journey on Medium, but soon I might discover something else to write.


I have 4 years of experience working at Non-Governmental Organization with a strong skill in project management (including administrative tasks), and I love doing both and 2,5 years as a communications officer.


Project Management, Social Media Management (incl. advertising, editorial content), Video Editing, Writing (Story-teller, Marketer-writer)


Canva, Headliner, Adobe Illustrator using Freepik, Filmora (Editing video app), SAP (Finance accounting)


  • Increasing followers on Facebook from 800 to 3.600
  • 1.204.731 Impression and 844.283 Reach on Facebook in 2020
  • 4.932 Impressions on Instagram (December 2021 - 15 March 2022)
  • 68.908 Impressions on Twitter as of 01 January 2022.

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